Drip Coffee & Espresso is also great option for Employee, Client or Teacher appreciation.

Client Appreciation:


If you are a Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Real Estate or any industry that works with clients or professional we have a solution for you. Drip Coffee & Espresso can go to your client’s site or office, and provide them with a variety of beverages and pastries. Instead of bringing in lunch for the office, which they may or may not like, have Drip Coffee & Espresso go on site, and provide your clients with the specific beverage and / or pastry to their liking. We can even create custom pastries with the name and / or logo of your business or your client’s business!

Employee Appreciation:


Want to say “Thank You” to your employees for a job well done? We can help you with that by coming on site and providing your employees with their favorite drink. Concerned that our service will disrupt the office work flow? No worries, instead of having your clients come out to the truck to place and pick up their order. We will go to your employee, take their order, prepare it and deliver it back to their work area or desk. If you are impressed by our service, we can add your office to our daily or weekly route!

Teacher Appreciation:


Are you the President or member of the PTA or PTO, and are looking for a way to show the teachers at your school how much you appreciate them? What better way then with a mid-day pick me up of their favorite hot or cold beverage? We realize it is difficult to get the teachers all together during the school day, so instead, we can get the orders from the school staff or go with a staff or faculty member to get the individual order from the teachers. We then make the orders, and bring them in to be picked up in the office, or delivered to the teachers in their class room by school staff or member of the PTO /PTA. Let you teaching staff know they are loved and appreciated while they enjoy their favorite beverage!

Special Events:


Planning an event and want to provide your guests or attendees a wide variety of beverages to chose from? Drip Coffee & Espresso has your covered. We offer hot and cold tea and coffees, cold brew coffee, nitrogen infused coffees, flavored sodas, fruit smoothies, frappes and also the Lotus energy drink. We can even work with you to create a custom hot or cold drink specifically for your event! So the next time you are planning a craft fair, running or biking event, business meeting or family reunion, add Drip Coffee & Espresso to your event and treat your attendees to some of the best beverages in Arizona!



We offer customized solutions for any event, large or small. From backyard birthday parties to large corporate events or fundraisers, AZ Drip Coffee & Espresso adds a unique element and plenty of hot coffee, tea, iced drinks and more to any party. Contact us at 602-253-6500 for a quote. If you’ve got space to park our truck, we’ll do your event.

School or Non-Profit Fundraising:

Looking for a fun and unique way to raise money for your school or non-profit? Let us help.

Our truck can be on site for your event, and there are no costs or liabilities to your school or organization. Drip Coffee & Espresso provides all services and gives your organization a percentage of the sales!

Bring Us to Your Office or Business Park!

At Drip Coffee & Espresso, we are aware that working people are often unable to get quality coffee and have no choice but to drink “office coffee.”

We can change that! Drip Coffee & Espresso brings quality coffee to businesses and individuals located in areas without convenient access to coffee shops.

Our mobile coffee shop serves drip coffee and teas, lattes, mochas, espresso, nitrogen infused coffee, energy drinks, Italian sodas, frappes, smoothies and select pastries.

If you are tired of not being able to have a quality beverage at work, simply call Drip Coffee & Espresso to get your office or building added to our daily or weekly route.

In addition to providing great tasting coffee and tea products, we also bring your drink order directly to you. Simply call, text or email your order, and we will make it and deliver it to your desk!


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